Want to collab? What small to medium brands look for when choosing influencers

As the owner of an online fashion boutique, I wouldn’t have succeeded in promoting my store without the help of some of the most amazing Instagram influencers!  

Finding the right Instagram promoter can be tough, just as tough as it is to breakthrough as an influencer. As an influnecer you love the latest trends, stylin’ especially if you’re growing your following. So what does it take?  

Well I can only speak from my point of view, but I’ve rounded up  some pointers below for those of you looking to work with some of the great smaller brands out there.

A consistent profile

Consistency is key. Love fast fashion? Then showcase that kind of style and assocaited brands on your page. More of a high end luxury lover? Then make the majority of your posts this theme. I’m not saying you can’t mix and match a little, but it just helps us to know if you fit into a brand niche or not and we’re more like to know if your followers will love our products or not

Pics: Left: @Jessiefrizzel / Right: @missjoslin

Real comments, real followers

Now this one is difficult for all of us to check on, brands and influencers alike. Figuring out who has  real followers vs who has bought them. However, when I was looking for influencers, looking at the comments section was invaluable. How many comments did an influencer have and what type? I guessed that if they looked genuine, asking about the products you were featuring and not ‘spammy’ then that was definitely a good sign.

Keep in contact

I totally get it that some brands just aren’t right for you or the pay / terms are not what you’re looking for. Firstly, never be afraid to negotiate. If a brand can’t work with you right away, if they really are keen on you they will in the future. If you’re unable to work with a brand then just drop them a note to let them know after they’ve contacted you. You never know, they may still feature you on their profile if you have a look they love or even recommend you to other brands that they may know. 

Follow your sponsor

This one is simple, but not always done. Follow your sponsor’s page, even if it is not forever!

Working with influencers has been amazing and made the growth of my online store so much better than I could have imagined.  

My online boutique is ending but new ventures lie ahead with Captured Styl where you can shop not just one brand but multiple trend lend brands in one place, save all of your favourite items to a wishlist and shop them later. I can’t wait to work with even more fab influencers and if you’re looking for more advice on how to get started, just drop me a note, I’m willing to help if I can! 

Looking for #inspo, there are too many to mention, but below, some of the great influencers I’ve worked with! 

Nicola x

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