Bodycon or Bandage Dress. What’s the difference?

What is the difference between a bandage and a bodycon dress?

If you don’t know the difference between a standard bodycon dress and a bandage dress, it is easy to get confused as the terms are often used interchangeably.

Some magazines and bloggers may reference the bandage dress, but what they are actually displaying are simply quality bodycon dresses.

So what exactly is a bandage dress, and how is it different from the regular bodycon dresses? The key is in the fabric and fit of the dress.

Bandage Dresses

An authentic bandage dress like the ones we sell at Vanilla Hill are made from quality thick heavy bandage fabric. The material is designed to support your curves. A quality bandage dress should tuck you in and double as shapewear. They’re tight, sturdy, and strong. Celebrities all over the globe swear by quality bandage dresses because these beauties are designed to sculpt your curves to perfection. You’ll have seen the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, TOWIE cast members and many others wearing bandage dresses.

Cheap quality bandage dresses that are made of polyester blends. These bandage dresses don’t fit you and support your body. Polyester is a soft and pliable fabric so it is not strong enough to support and shape your body. Our superior quality bandage dresses at Vanilla Hill, on the other hand, are made of a blend of at least 90 percent rayon, and 10 percent of nylon and spandex.

The Nova Bandage Dress in Wine
The Nova Bandage Dress in Wine

Bodycon Dresses

A bodycon dress on the other hand is a very close fitting garment which is generally not figure hugging – just fitted. Instead of hugging your curves like a glove, a bodycon dress is designed to simply trace your silhouette. Bodycon dresses provide little support and offer a more relaxed fit. A well-made bodycon dress boasts a slim fit cut that is designed to fit close to your body.

The 'Leave the Drama behind' Off White Metallic Shine Dress

The ‘Leave the Drama behind’ Off White Metallic Shine Dress

Both types of dresses are a great choice, it just depends on your night out or event! Looking for something a little more relaxed, try one of our bodycons. For something a little extra special, our bandage dresses are some of the best you’ll find.

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The Frill Me Bandage Dress in Royal Blue
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The Frill Me Bandage Dress in Royal Blue
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The Madelaine Cut out Detail Bodycon in Wine